Metal Processing


Custom and standard shapes can be oxy fuel or plasma cut to you specifications, up to 6″ hot roll and 2″ thick stainless and aluminum.


Cutting & Shearing

Shearing and cutting is available from all seven of our locations. We can cut to any size or specification. Triple-S Steel Industrial band saws are capable of sawing bundles 27″ tall by 42″ wide. Our plate shears can cut metal plate up to 1/2″ thick and 12’ long.

Aluminum can be cut to precision tolerances on our 60″ and 48″ wide Aluminum plate saws.

While Triple-S Steel does no welding, punching, plate bending or other fabricating processes, we will be happy to outsource your job for you, send material to a fabricator of your choice, or recommend a fabricator from the hundreds of quality fabrication shops that do business with Triple-S Steel. Please call to inquire (800) 552-1510 or email us.

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